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Rune Goldberg tracker

The sidebar shows what runes you need to get the optimal reward out of the Rune Goldberg machine - based on your reports of what works best. Around reset it will need a few player reports to learn the new combination for today, and you can help verify the current combination works by clicking on the rune that worked for you in the sidebar. See the Rune Goldberg page for more information!

What is this?

Wilderness Warbands are a Distraction&Diversion in RuneScape. Approximately every 7 hours a warband wave will start and warband camps will appear in one of three random locations in the wilderness on every RuneScape world. Players must fight off each other and the warband camp NPC's to loot supplies from the camp. The supplies can then be exchanged for large amounts herblore, farming, construction, mining or smithing experience. At level 90 you will get more than 100k experience for doing one warband event and you can do up to 3 events per day. You can also receive experience in the summoning, prayer and slayer skills by interacting with the summoning beam and fighting off the warband general. Figure out how much experience you'll get with our warband calculator.

Finishing a warband requires working together, and this website is a place where you can find an FC (friendschat) to do your warband(s) in. We are the largest group of friends chats who all work together to divide and conquer the worlds. Visit this forum thread to learn about joining one of our FC's.


As I am a RuneScape player myself, I want to block any ads about RuneScape gold selling or botting. Please email me if you see any inappropriate ad or have general remarks/feedback about the tracker. Please indicate the URL of the offending website and include a screenshot of the ad if possible.

Communication Software

Some FC's use voice communication software to coordinate during a wave. A download link to each of these programs is provided below, contact your hosting FC to find out which one you need and what server settings you should use:

Rune Goldberg

First Rune
Dust Rune
Reported by 83.7%.

Second Rune
Mist Rune
Reported by 51.2%. Mud Rune
Reported by 18.6%. Water Rune
Reported by 7%.

Please click the second rune that worked for you.
First rune incorrect or appropriate second rune not shown? Please click here to submit a detailed report.

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