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Former Wbg FC “Wb British” and "Regiment Wbs" leaders have taken their FC rogue to backstab other FCs within the Wbg alliance. Please now be aware that these FCs are no longer a part of Wbg and members who chose to continue using these FCs risk getting blacklisted from using Wbg FCs.

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New gear requirements!

All FC's will now enforce a minimum of level 60 armour, or level 55 for melee. We suggest royal d'hide, granite, ganodermic or third-age druidic robes.

Welcome to the new tracker!

On June 11th, JaGeX nerfed warbands considerably. The FC's do not operate in the same way as before.

Warband PK and the other chats were renamed to [Warbands 1] and [Warbands 2]. Instead of doing warbands in the main FC's, the FC act as a meeting point for those who want to do warbands. We then split in to smaller FC's (up to 40 people) who go to separate worlds. These FC's are hosted by FC ranks and other members.

The tracker (while still providing a complete world list to the ranks) now shows a list of FC's which you can join to do warbands. If you would like to open your FC to others and host a warband wave then the tracker will now also provide you with additional help, including making sure that everybody is assigned worlds so different chats do not crash with each other.

Click here for our Warband Tutorial & FC Rules

Warband PK

We have reopened the Warband PK friends chat! Run by Yt-Haar, it is the go-to friends chat if you want to help (anti-)PK during warbands!

From the FC which once manipulated the Warband D&D, dominating Warband teams across all worlds, now bring you a new revitalized warbanding Experience.

Warband PK is an RS3 Multi-Team PK-ing FC, primarily around Warbands. We are allied with WBG (Warband Groups Syndicate) and aim to target rogue clans predominantly interested in crashing FCs within WBG.

We are currently looking for capable people to help with the FC. Visit the thread below to apply for a rank!

Click here to visit the Warband PK forum thread

Open Chats

The chats will be announced approximately 30 minutes in advance of the warband starting.

Or visit the friends chats Warbands 1/Warbands 2 for the chat announcements.

As I am a RuneScape player myself, I want to block any ads about RuneScape gold selling or botting. Please email me if you see any inappropriate ad or have general remarks/feedback about the tracker. Please indicate the URL of the offending website and include a screenshot of the ad if possible.

What is this?

Wilderness Warbands are a Distraction&Diversion in RuneScape. Approximately every 7 hours a warband wave will start and warband camps will appear in one of three random locations in the wilderness on every RuneScape world. Players must fight off each other and the warband camp NPC's to loot supplies from the camp. The supplies can then be exchanged for large amounts herblore, farming, construction, mining or smithing experience. At level 90 you will get more than 100k experience for doing one warband event and you can do up to 3 events per day. You can also receive experience in the summoning, prayer and slayer skills by interacting with the summoning beam and fighting off the warband general. Figure out how much experience you'll get with our warband calculator.

Finishing a warband requires working together. This website is a place where you can find an FC (friendschat) to do your warband(s) in. When a warband is about to start, this webpage will have a list of open FC's you can join to do your warbands in. If you would like to host a warband in your FC then you can request to be listed on this website and you will also be allocated worlds from our world list so you can be sure you won't be crashed by others who are working with us.

The world tracker was developed by Proselyte Ko. admin login

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